January 25, 2024

Montserrat College of Art Showcases Regional Talent in Two New Solo Exhibitions

by cns2020

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BEVERLY, MA – Montserrat College of Art is proud to announce the opening of two new solo exhibitions that celebrate the works of regional artists, each bringing a unique perspective and artistic narrative to the forefront.

Karmimadeebora McMillan: “Wandering stars…for whom it is reserved…the blackness…the darkness…forever”

Exhibition Dates: January 30 – March 6
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 7, 5-7pm
Location: Montserrat Gallery, 23 Essex St.

Karmimadeebora McMillan steps into the regional limelight with her first major solo exhibition at Montserrat Gallery. Her exhibit titled “Wandering stars…for whom it is reserved…the blackness…the darkness…forever” is a captivating immersion into a world that blends historical narrative and creative imagination. McMillan, known for her innovative use of Black material culture and historical archives, presents an explorative journey that melds animation, painting, and sound into an extraordinary experience.

The exhibition features two new animations and a series of mixed-media artworks. Central to her work are figures such as the “Protector,” inspired by the Black Panther Coloring Book, and “Ms Merri Mack,” a reinterpretation of a vintage caricatured children’s toy. These elements come together to form a narrative that transcends time, reimagining past, present, and future while highlighting the significance of memory in the Black experience.

Karmimadeebora McMillan, an interdisciplinary artist based in Cambridge, MA, brings her multifaceted expertise in painting, printmaking, sculpture, animation, installation, and public art to this exhibition.

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with bkprojects, Watertown, MA.

Loretta Park: “About to Thaw”

Exhibition Dates: February 5 – March 16
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 7, 5-7pm
Location: Carol Schlosberg Gallery, 23 Essex St.

Loretta Park’s “About to Thaw” presents a unique fusion of weaving and fiber-art with everyday objects. Her sculptures, characterized by vibrant colors and tactile forms, transform mundane materials like nylon rope, plastic trays, and scraps of cloth into mesmerizing artworks. Park’s innovative approach redefines traditional techniques, creating dynamic color blocks and textures that are both visually striking and thought-provoking.

Loretta Park, an MFA graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BA holder from Bowdoin College, brings her distinctive artistic vision to the Carol Schlosberg Gallery.

An earlier version of this exhibition, titled “Sea Glass is Diamond,” was previously showcased at the Trustman Art Gallery at Simmons University.

Montserrat College of Art, a beacon in the world of visual arts education, continues to nurture and celebrate artists and designers. Offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the college equips students for the creative demands of a rapidly evolving world. Its alumni have made significant contributions across various industries, including Disney, Puma, and Hasbro. Besides its degree programs, Montserrat provides year-round classes for all ages and manages four public galleries that host an array of exhibitions and lectures. Montserrat stands as a testament to the power of creativity in solving modern challenges. Discover more at www.montserrat.edu.