September 16, 2019

Cry Innocent: The People Vs. Bridget Bishop returns to Salem for its 27th October

by cns2020

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“Not all of Salem’s witchiness is silly… the play Cry Innocent: The People Versus Bridget Bishop, in which the audience may question the accused, is educational and beautifully performed.” – The New York Times

Next month, Cry Innocent: The People Vs. Bridget Bishop returns to Salem for its 27th October of bringing the Salem Witch Trials to life. This year, Cry Innocent is offered alongside multiple activities so guests can customize their experience with walking tours, short film viewings, and more! Cry Innocent performs several shows daily in October, at the Old Town Hall at 32 Derby Square, Salem MA. Tickets for Cry Innocent’s October season are available online at Tickets for the remainder of September’s weekend performances are also available at

Since its debut in 1992, on the tercentenary of the Salem Witch Trials, Cry Innocent has garnered critical acclaim as one of Salem’s premier historical attractions. Developed directly from the transcript of the pre-trial examination of Bridget Bishop–the first woman tried for witchcraft in 1692–the audience is witness to Bridget Bishop’s public arrest, and entreated by their Puritan neighbors to sit on the jury for her examination on the charge of witchcraft. Their role is to cross-examine witnesses, question both the accused Goody Bishop and the judge, Colonel John Hathorne, and determine the outcome of the proceedings– shall Bridget Bishop proceed to formal trial or be released into the public?

Artistic Director and President of History Alive, Inc. Kristina Stevick affirms that Cry Innocent is as important today as it was when it first premiered. “It’s really important to engage with history, because we have this treasure trove of stories of people who were similar to us and have made mistakes […] We’re creating social change by providing people an opportunity to exercise the muscle of empathy and to exercise their empathic imagination. To put themselves in a position that’s very foreign to them, they get a taste of that, of trying to view something from another perspective.”

Cry Innocent: The People Vs. Bridget Bishop continues its tradition of interactive education at Salem’s Old Town Hall. For the chance to play your part in history, purchase your tickets now!

For tickets:

Online and at the door, as available

September 2019 – Saturdays & Sundays at 2 pm

October 2019 – Multiple shows daily

Old Town Hall
32 Derby Square
Salem, MA

About History Alive

History Alive, Inc. is committed to the production of new plays and theatrical scenarios based on true stories from the past. Emphasis is given to interactive theatre so that actors and audience together, through a playful and dynamic way of engaging with history, might broaden their understanding of the present and gain a fresh sense of purpose within their own era. The company also seeks to invigorate the local economy by designing activities which connect the community and its visitors to a distinct, local history.

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