November 6, 2020

Cure Your Hangry with Choice Takeout from these 8 Spots

by joeyphoenix

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Don’t get us wrong, pizza is delicious, a well-made sandwich can hit the spot, and a juicy burger can often be the difference between sadness and joy (with or without an egg on it.)

But since you did that last week, and maybe even the week before, we’ve put together our suggestions for some DELICIOUS takeout to get this weekend that’s new, exciting, and that you may not have heard of.

Nex Mex Thing – Peabody 

This Main Street Peabody Burrito hotspot just ticks all the boxes for delicious tex mex takeout, including Margaritas to go.

Go to’s: Churros Waffles, Flautus

Ithaki Mediterranean Cuisine – Ipswich

Did someone say Grape Leaves? No, they said Dolmas, which is the mostly the same thing. And Ithaki has got it on their takeout menu, along with many other Mediterranean treats.

Go to’s: Dolmas, Youvetsi

15 Walnut – South Hamilton

15 Walnut isn’t a restaurant that can be put into any kind of box, so don’t even try. But! They do often put their food in boxes that you take home with you, which you definitely want to do.

Go to’s: Sushi, Tuna Tataki Mushrooms

Nightshade Noodle Bar – Lynn

Noodles from Nightshade Noodle Bar in Lynn are inspired. It’s absolute, verifiable proof that food is can forever will be an honored art form that your face can appreciate.

Go to’s: Viet-Bouillabaisse, Beef Brisket Banh Mi

Sawasdee – Danvers

Good Thai done well is just delightful. Imagine taking in the smells of fresh basil and lemongrass burbling in a pot with coconut milk and curry. Doesn’t it smell warm, inviting? You deserve this kind of delicious.

Go To’s: Lemongrass Chicken, Seafood Tornado

Lolo Pokē – Beverly 

Pokē (pronounced like Okay with a P ) is a Hawaiian-inspired speciality which has been graciously brought to New England for our enjoyment. Pokē bowls are filled with crisp, gorgeous vegetables and frequently topped with greasy fried SPAM (don’t knock it until you try it!).

Go to’s: Ohana Bowl (SPAM!), Sushi Donut

Koto – Salem 

Oh Koto, how we love you and every appetizer and flaming drink you’ve ever made. The biggest difficulty with ordering takeout from Koto is in not ordering one of everything on the menu. But would that really be so bad?

Go to’s: Ramen, literally every appetizer.

Sea Level Oyster Bar – Newburyport

Sea Level Oyster Bar has everything you would expect from an oyster bar: good beer and, you know, Oysters. But they also have ridiculously tasty tacos and lobster mac and chowder fries that if you’re not hungry thinking about are you even human?

Go To’s: Lobster Mac N’ Cheese, $1 Oysters.

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Soall Bistro – Marblehead

A bowl of Phở (pronounced “fuh”) during a bad day can chase the blues so far away. Soall Bistro in Marblehead does it beautifully. They also have delightful vegan options for all you veggie lovers.

Go to’s: Chicken Phở, Scallion and Lemongrass shrimp skewers

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