Maitland Farm Kitchen & Spirits

About the Member

Maitland Mountain Farm was born in 2009 — a father-daughter project of Peter and Holly Maitland. Peter had a long history of farming and strong tractor skills while Holly brought a delicate eye for flower tending and arranging. The duo joined the Salem Farmers’ Market during the market’s inaugural year — feeding friends and families with a modest but bountiful selection of vegetables and wildflower bouquets.

Towards the end of the farm’s first season, Holly met Andy, an ambitious cook from California who was looking for a new way to connect to the local foodservice industry. Holly’s years of industry experience and a knack for gardening coupled with Andy’s desire for a new project — the farm grew. After a wedding and their first baby, the growing Maitland family built two greenhouses and began cultivating even more produce.

Since their humble beginnings, Maitland Mountain Farm has become a fully operational two and a half-acre urban farm, carefully nestled in their neighborhood on the outskirts of south Salem.