June 10, 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide from Creative Collective

by cns2020

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By Laura Owens and Joey Phoenix

Father’s Day: the national holiday to celebrate all the dads and father figures in your life. Dads are the people who give you tough love when you need it, and a big hug when you need that too. They tell bad puns and terrible jokes but are happiest when they see you thriving. They work hard, love hard, and believe in you.

Dad’s can be traditional or not, they come in all shapes and sizes. A person doesn’t need to look like a Dad to have Big Dad Energy.

This year it falls on June 16th, which is right around the corner, so if you’re thinking what to gift or do for the dads in your life, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Tastes and Treats

For those dads who like to relax with a cup (or glass) of something, whether its beer, coffee, or something barrel aged, there’s a variety of options to choose from.

You can try Lord Hobo Brewing Company’s craft beers from New England. Their range of beers can be purchased all over the Salem area, as well as at their brewery, where you can enjoy a fun night out and try out a few of their best beers. Rumson’s Rum also has a unique twist on traditional alcoholic drinks, such as their distinctive blend of Caribbean and New England rums, in a few different flavors: Rumson’s Original Rum, Rumson’s Spiced Rum, Rumson’s Coffee Rum, and Rumson’s Grand Reserve Rum. Dads who prefer coffee, you could get a 6-month coffee subscription box from the Essex Coffee Roasters. With the option to receive up to four bags of coffee a month, this subscription is perfect those coffee-drinking dads.

On the sweeter side is a late night at Goodnight Fatty, where you can treat your dad to gourmet cookies with a fun twist. Fatties don’t usually release a menu for their Friday and Saturday nights, so be ready for surprises.

Sports and Swag

If your dad is a big fan of sports and sports teams, and all that that entails, don’t forget to buy your sport and team merch from Sully’s Brand. Stop in or go online to get Boston sports teams shirts, accessories, novelties, and auto products.

Solid Roots Woodworking is bringing woodworked materials back into style, so check in with them to find what types of bowls, cutting boards, and other wood products they have. If your dad likes customized furniture and other goods, hit up Solid Roots to see if they could produce the wood furniture of your dads’ dreams.

Does your Dad have a furry friend? Hailey Bonia of Flourish does custom pet portraits to capture pet cuteness and Rusty and Ingrid Creative Company can make gorgeous handmade screenprints depicting almost anything.

Fitness dreams come true at White Wolf Fitness. Get your dad a membership or a class package, and maybe join your dad for a workout session. Join in for cardio, kettlebell, or strength classes, and loosen up a bit with some yoga, too. Trainers are also available, so there’s something for every dad.

Entertainment and Experience

Bring your dad into Salem proper for a fun museum day. Peabody Essex Museum has exhibitions in world art and culture, such as Double Happiness: Celebration in Chinese Art, and other exhibitions in photography and paintings. Check out the Phillips House Museum for a guided tour about Salem’s past generations. For those witchy history nerds, The Witch House is the last structure directly connected to the 1692 Witchcraft Trials, similar to this is the Salem Witch Museum, where you can get some more insight into Salem’s witchy past.

Experience a live show or watch a movie at any of the cinemas and theaters in and around the Salem area. The North Shore Music Theatre has a couple of upcoming shows, as well as The Cabot. Funny dads can watch the comedy improv group, Accidentally on Purpose. And for moviegoers, there’s CinemaSalem with Godzilla, a classic reimagining of the original, and Rocketman for the good old Elton fans. Put on your electric boots and head out for a fun night at the movies!

Laura Owens is a senior at Endicott College studying English Language and Literature. She is a self-taught baker and loves to read, with a collection of over 740 books!

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Joey Phoenix is a performance artist and the Managing Editor of Creative North Shore. Follow them on Twitter @jphoenixmedia. If you have an idea for a story, feature, or pictures of adorable llamas, feel free to send them a message at joeyphoenix@creativecollectivema.com