July 29, 2019

History Alive, Inc. proudly presents: Two Points Off the Weather Bow

by cns2020

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Created by Maeve Brooks, Kayla Gardner, Chris Ortiz, Mikee Parangalan, and Jonathan Wacker
Conceived by Jonathan Wacker
Directed by Nicholas Blondell

Two Points Off the Weather Bow takes its audience on a whaling adventure on the high seas– based heavily on the ship’s logs of 19th-century sailors, this new interactive piece will make its Salem debut at the Salem Maritime Festival on August 4 at 12 pm, at the historic St. Joseph Hall; this performance is free and open to the public.

Two Points Off the Weather Bow will also continue August 5 – 9 at 12 pm, at Salem’s Old Town Hall. General admission for these performances is $14; children ages 5 – 18 are $5; children under 5 and Salem residents (with proof of residency) are admitted free, as part of Salem’s Heritage Days program. Tickets are available at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4296918

WANTED: Thirty enterprising, dedicated persons for a whaling voyage from twelve to twenty months on the good ship Ballmer. Two Points Off the Weather Bow invites the audience to step in as the newest recruits of this expedition, and all crew members are expected to pull their own weight. Whether it’s coiling ropes, hauling broken masts out of the sea, or clearing the deck for the next stop on land, each audience member has their own role to fulfill. The goal of this vessel? To rope in a whale that will entice the merchants at every port in New England. 

However, no one ever said the voyage would be easy, least of all your fellow sailors. The sea is treacherous, and a whaling mission gone wrong can easily end in tragedy. You must work together to ensure that all crew members make it through the voyage safely, or else face the dire consequences of setting sail unprepared. As a new work, Two Points Off the Weather Bow invites the participant to experience the perils and camaraderie of 1850’s whaling, up close and personal.

Click here for tickets:

General admission: $14
Children ages 5 – 18: $5
Salem residents (with proof of residency)
and children ages 5 and under: Free

For interviews:
Nicholas Blondell, Director: nicholasblondell@gmail.com / (805) 280-5860
Jonathan Wacker, Playwright and Actor: ccr.juice@gmail.com / (830) 431-0706