March 7, 2018

Meet the Member – Seth Albaum – Upside Media

by cns2020

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Teacher, editor of, owner at Upsidemedia, LLC, and Creative Collective Member – Seth Albaum

1) Tell us a bit about you and what you do?
I’m drawn to things with buttons, knobs, faders, and switches. I’m a live sound engineer, A/V geek, media and tech educator, photographer and sometimes DJ. I’m also drawn to the community and the arts, which is why I run a hyper-local publication called It’s all under the umbrella of upsidemedia!

2) What do you love the most about your creative work?
I love my clients, because I get to do sound for events benefiting area non-profits, document the arts, and hang out with some really cool people. Sometimes, I get to photograph in a more creative style, play with old film cameras, and live-mix original bands. It’s really rewarding when those things are on-point. Through LynnHappens, I’ve connected with amazing people in my adopted city. It feels more as though they’ve adopted me.

3) How does your creative work contribute to the Creative Economy?
The majority of the sound-work I do is for community-driven organizations and events. I also promote and document art openings and festivals in Lynn. I’ve served on the Lynn Cultural Council, also, a long-time board member of Lynn Museum/LynnArts, and a Beyond Walls Mural Festival Committee member. In the past, I’ve volunteered for sound and stage crew for the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival

4) What’s the one thing people wouldn’t know about you?
Problem-solving! Bring me your tech challenges and issues!

5) What’s the one thing people wouldn’t know about you?
I love being challenged with non-traditional venues. I once did event sound and DJ’d in a fabric store. I’ve hidden speakers in bushes. I’ve thrown fully amplified pop-up rock concerts on a traffic island under commuter rail tracks. Let’s work on something exciting.

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