November 21, 2019

Miz. Diamond Wigfall Returns to the Cabot with Island of the Misfit Queers

by Felicia Cheney

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The holidays are fast approaching, leaving people to wonder where they will be spending their Yules and their Christmahanakwanzas. Whether you have somewhere to go or not, there are some Queens who are inviting you to spend some time with them. 

Miz Diamond Wigfall and her crew of dancers, comedians, singers, and performers are returning to the Cabot on December 26 for the Island of the Misfit Queers – an extravaganza of light and color and sound, and more importantly, of Queens. Hosted by The Cabot Theatre in Beverly and Creative Collective, the event will be a fully staged production with lighting provided by Retonica

During the show, Miz. Diamond and her faithful sidekick Bobo the Pug will take guests on a journey through the Island of the Misfit Queers, where they will meet a whole host of performers and characters along the way, on her quest to find the elusive North Hole. 

Chola Spears

Some of the talent featured during the event include NYC talent including Queens Bambina the Don Diva and Chola Spears, and the multitalented composer, choreographer, costume designer, and performer Andrew Barret Cox. There’s also some local talent including Brian King, Effie Killjoy, and Coco Cain. 

“In New York I run a show where I have a variety of kings, queens, comedians, singers, all kinds of talent that you can think of,” says Miz Diamond, “and I’m really excited to bring a new show to [the Cabot]. I really think it’s going to be something special.” 

One of the reasons why Miz. Diamond and her crew wanted to host an event like this during the holidays was because, for a lot of people – especially for those who identify as queer or as part of the larger queer community, this time of the year isn’t always the most exciting or enjoyable. She wanted to provide a safe, adult space where people could come, be themselves, and have a great time. 

“People aren’t always so lucky to have family accept them,” Miz. Diamond says. “I really want to create a space where queer art is celebrated and maybe, if you weren’t feeling like you fit in at home, this is going to be an amazing event for you to just be yourself and know that you’re loved for exactly who you are.” 

Whether you feel out of place in a traditional family setting or just drank a little too much holiday “cheer” this season, The Island of Misfit Queers is a place for you to come and let it all out on December 26 at 8:00 pm. 

Click here for tickets. 

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