August 31, 2019

Naturalization ceremony to be held at The Gables September 17

by cns2020

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House of the Seven Gables’ Executive Director Kara McLaughlin congratulates a new U.S. citizen at last year’s Naturalization Ceremony.

Citizenship to be granted on Constitution Day

SALEM — At noon on Tuesday, September 17, a group of North Shore residents will become naturalized United States citizens. They have spent months of study and preparation to gain citizenship. The ceremony, a happy and emotional experience for all in attendance, will be held at The House of the Seven Gables and is open to the public, weather permitting. To be present for this memorable event, those interested may contact Elsabel Rincon at, or call 978-306-7001.

Some of those who will become naturalized citizens on September 17, which is also Constitution Day, took English and U.S. history classes sponsored by The Gables’ Settlement Association. “These are some of the most committed students I encounter,” says Elsabel Rincon, manager of the Settlement Program at The House of the Seven Gables. “They are parents, they have jobs and they take classes at night right up to the day of their interviews. Some take a whole year to prep for this. They have to work on English proficiency, oral skills and their knowledge of U.S. history.” The interviews include a demonstration of English language skills and a history and civics test. By the time the applicants have reached the interview stage, they have also undergone background checks and paid $775 for their application.

The ceremony begins when officers from the U.S. Custom and Immigration Services formally greet and check in those who are about to become naturalized citizens. Then a judge from the U.S. District Court in Boston leads a procession to the stage. An opening song is performed and Kara McLaughlin, Executive Director at The Gables, along with Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, deliver opening remarks. Elected senators and representatives attend and speak, as well. Following the remarks, the judge asks for a motion for name changes. The new citizens take an oath of citizenship, the judge delivers heartfelt remarks and the new citizens then recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Last year’s ceremony included 40 new citizens from the North Shore representing 22 countries.

If the weather is inclement, the ceremony will be held indoors and closed to the general public due to space limitations.

About The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association and its dual mission 

The mission of The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association is to preserve The Gables’ National Historic Landmark and leverage its power as an icon of American culture to engage diverse audiences and provide education opportunities for the local immigrant community. For more information visit

In 2018, The House of the Seven Gables celebrated a singular milestone. Built 350 years ago, it is still a place where stories are made. Ever the provider of shelter and support, The House of the Seven Gables inspires us as it once inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne. Where sea captains once found their footing, immigrants become citizens, visitors explore period rooms, historians pore over archives, children frolic in the gardens, and authors find inspiration.