August 13, 2020

Need Veggies, Pickles, Fresh Air? The Salem Farmer’s Market Has Got You Covered

by joeyphoenix

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Images and Story by Joey Phoenix

The Salem Farmer’s Market has been operating with business (mostly) as usual for the past month. It’s open Thursdays from 3-7.

Having temporarily moved from its home in Derby Square to the parking lot at the Bentley School off Memorial Drive, the market is still brimming with fresh veggies, creative pickles, and many other delightful wares and sundries.

“The fact that it’s happening is quite frankly a miracle,” said Kylie Sullivan, President of Salem Main Streets. “And we are so fortunate to have vendors who were willing to take a chance on this, and the city really bent over backwards to make this work for us.”

Click here for a full list of market vendors

“You touch it, it’s yours”

The new location makes it possible for the market booths to more spread out, allowing for interactions that meet COVID-19 restrictions around outdoor gathering spaces.

“It breaks my heart that were no longer in the center of downtown,” Kylie said. “But [the move] was the safest way for us to spread everyone out appropriately and make sure our customers were as safe as possible.”

She also mentioned the space was important because, with one entrance and one exit, they would be able to track numbers in and out of the market.

A rainbow of veggies from Clark Farm

Making the Market Accessible

Getting to the market is easier than ever this year, because those with cars can park on Memorial Dr., and those on foot can take a social distance (no more than 5 on board!) shuttle ride that picks up from Derby Square.

“There are a lot of people who’ve struggle to get to our market in the past, but this is actually easier for them.” Kylie added.

The market shuttle sign in sheet allows for contact tracing.
Friendly shuttle drivers are happy to take you to the market and back

There’s also an added level of accessibility in terms of payment. Most of the vendors offer pre-orders so that when patrons arrive they can pick up a pre-packaged bag for a non-contact option.

The Salem Farmers’ Market also accepts the SNAP/EBT card, and this includes the Coronavirus Pandemic EBT.

Vendor Highlights

Click here for the full list as vendors may rotate weekly.


Roseadela’s offers small batch syrups and European compotes made from ingredients sourced from Farmer’s Markets and local vendors. “Every batch is a little different,” Roseadela said.
“There’s no artificial flavors or preservatives. You can cook with them, or you can use them straight out of the jar doesn’t matter,” she added.

Grant Family Farm

Grant Family Farm is a small diversified farm located in Essex Massachusetts. They grow a variety of vegetables and ethnic crops, cut flowers, and pasture-raised eggs and poultry.

Kim Gregory | Pure Pastry

Kim Gregory | Pure Pastry offers sweet treats that are organic, locally sourced, and home grown.
They also handcraft delicious gluten-free, vegan, and other allergen-friendly options.

Maitland Farms

Maitland Farm‘s fresh cut flowers.

Maitland Mountain Farm is a fully operational two and a half-acre urban farm, carefully nestled in their neighborhood on the outskirts of south Salem.
“The sales have been identical,” said Andy Verala when asked about how the market was going. An optimistic sign.

1634 Meadery

1634 Meadery is a purveyor of small-batch honey-wines made from local ingredients and specialty meads from varietal honeys.
Blueberry Dream | Wicked Wench | Struhberry

Merrimack Farm

Beverly’s Merrimack Farm is a USDA Certified Organic Farm.
Fresh cut flowers from Merrimack Farm

Red Antler Apothecary

Red Antler Apothecary develops recipes for personal and household cleaners, in addition to medicinal herbal blends for a variety of needs.
Created in Lowell, MA