September 13, 2019

North Shore Food News -Sept. 2019

by cns2020

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New takeout home in Salem 

If your sweet must follow your savory, then Poboys and Pies must be on your radar. They are currently going through a silent open you need to check them out during your next visit to Salem. Burrito and I dropped in on a Monday and met the owner Todd Bekesha. He walked us through the menu and shared with us what drives him. Todd has managed to bring flavors of the South to the Northshore. There is a Poboy for everyone Fish, Beef, pork Chicken, and they even have a vegan option. The restaurant is a commuters dream. Todd and team can have you in and out in moments. Stand and wolf down your lunch or grab it to go. Either way, they will keep you moving. You can thank us later but get down there and ask for the “Lunch box”! 

Po Boys and Pies
101 Lafayette Street
Salem MA. 01970
Po Boy from Po Boys and Pies Salem MA

Burgers that will blow your mind 

 IF you live on the Northshore, you’ve probably noticed that the Northshore mall is getting a facelift! There is now a dining pavilion and an outdoor stage adjacent. Chef Bobby Marcotte of Hop and grind and Tuckaway Tavern is going to reprogram the way you look at a burger. His latest restaurant is not your typical burger joint. You may stop in because of the Gorgeous exterior, wacky interior, or the super-soft leather couches but you will end up staying here for the menu. This restaurant aims to please. I. Dare you to bring your pickiest dining companion here. Vegetarian options available and all the local beer you could want.  Gotta Catch them all! 

Hop and Grind
North Shore Mall
Peabody Ma.

Ledger in Salem is home to possibly the most Instagramable donuts on the Northshore. The donuts are gourmet, and the flavor combinations are always insane. They might play on a childhood fave one week are go off the cuff and fuse unlikely flavor combinations. I look at the donuts like collector’s items. You never know when they will repeat a donut, so if you’re smart, you’ll get there when it comes out. You’re probably wondering how you even know what donut is available and when. Heres, a pro tip, Call and ask ahead or stalk their Instagram like there’s no tomorrow. The FOMO is real when you find out that a new flavor comes out and then sold out 3 hrs later.  

Ledger Salem
125 Washington St.
Salem MA. 01970

The Grand Reopening  we’ve all been waiting for

  The one and only Maki Sushi Bar just reopened a few weeks ago. And most of us on the Northshore feel like we can breathe again. If you don’t believe me check out their facebook page. Maki has a cult following, and they live up to the hype. Sushi, Bento boxes, Deserts, and more! Fine, so you didn’t realize you were missing out or that Maki in Peabody has arguably the best sushi on the Northshore there is a new reason for you to visit. Renovations had been underway and now that they have finished Maki has doubled in size, incorporated new stylish seating, and added a gorgeous mural to its walls (done by a local artist). Maki’s new facelift will make you want to stay much longer than necessary. I give you permission to PAUSE reading this article and make your reservation now to find out what Maki’s serving up.

Maki Sushi Bar and Grill
43 Main St.
Peabody Ma.

Your Next Business meeting Location

Lynns has a new addition to its Cafe scene. Phil and I were finally able to see for ourselves. Uncommon Feasts is self-proclaimed as a Caterer, cafe, events space located in the Lydia Pinkham Building in the heart of Lynn, MA. Locally-sourced, love-driven, hand-crafted cuisine. I think we can all get behind this. Michelle Mulford and Marianne Staniunas are on to something here. We stopped in to get a feel for the space but ended up staying for the tea, snacks, and table tennis. Weirdly enough Phil and I both left thinking the same thing…next time we have a meetup or meeting it should be held here. Tons of space, great lunch menu and lots of snacking options. Check them out for yourselves. Bring a meeting here and share in the awesome experience of responsibly sourced produce and food/beverages made with love.

Uncommon Feasts
271 Western Ave.
Lynn Ma.

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