October 5, 2020

Paint the Town! 7 Window Design Artists North of Boston

by joeyphoenix

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Painted windows are a sign of an active, artistic town. They bring light and color to spaces, inviting passerby to stop and take a look and enticing them to come inside. But in a world where inside spaces are limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, having a beautifully designed window also gives people something to look at when they’re waiting in line to get inside.

These artists are the ones responsible for much of the art popping up around the North Shore over the past few months. And while their efforts are put to good use in city planning and beautification, they’re also for hire for small businesses and projects.

Here are the 7 Window Design Artists North of Boston You Need to Know About

Anna Did A Thing

Website | Instagram

A woman of many talents, Anna Dugan is a Chalk Artist, Mural Artist, and Illustrator based in Salem, MA. Anna Did A Thing combines humor, color, pattern-work, and life experience to create fun, relatable, & beautiful murals, stickers, T-shirts, and prints of original artwork. In all of her artwork, Anna is inspired by her Filipina-American heritage.



Website | Instagram

Mike Grimaldi (GRIMDROPS) has years of experience in the creative field. He’s held a number of positions including patent illustrator, graphic designer, character designer, surface designer, apparel designer, and screen printer. He has a strong interest and eye in the use of illustration, hand lettering and typography in his work.

Through GRIMDROPS, Mike has worked with some amazing clients on a wide variety of projects like hand lettered signs, murals, logos, package design, caricatures, portraits, and show posters.


Kate Aurelia Studio

Website | Instagram

After over 15 years in the design industry, Kate established her surface design studio in order to create work that truly speaks to her. From childhood, she has always had a love of pattern. Her work is influenced by the many places she’s lived and traveled around the world, from her woodsy New England roots to the Mediterranean, the streets of Oaxaca to the Marrakesh Medina, as well as her beloved Atlantic Ocean.


m.ink creative studio

Website | Instagram

All of m.ink’s items are designed and handcrafted by business owner, Meg Nichols. Her mission is to celebrates inclusiveness, color, joy and nostalgia and the spirit of DIY. Her products and window designs strive to satisfy a need through making personalized options accessible and to delivery a variety of products for those who feel underrepresented in traditional retailers.


Maia Mattson

Website | Instagram

Maia Mattson is a multi-disciplinary artist based outside of Boston, specializing in display and installation art. Committed to the anti-ordinary, Maia creates unique site specific work that energizes and engages the imagination. She creates and installs custom retail windows, editorial set design, events decor, and public art pieces. Head to her website to get a sense of her work and process.


Studioful Design

Website | Instagram

Studioful Design practices in participatory design with people, places, and ideas. The company brings the powerful practice of discovery through design to each collaboration for a joyful design process that leads to integrated works of art and architecture.


Flourish Artistic Services by Hailey Bonia

Website | Instagram

Hailey Bonia of Flourish Artistic Services creates public art with purpose that anyone can experience and enjoy. Her inspirations include psychology, spirituality, the human body, and nature/plants.

She offers custom window art, chalkboard signage, and murals.


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