January 15, 2019

PastryCast with Josh and Alyssa Ep.9

by cns2020

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In this episode: Josh and Alyssa have recovered from the December plagues, they talk about retail marijuana (and Josh’s inability to operate machinery), the horror that is the “Witch City Mall”, Catgate, and how our cats simply let us live because killing us would be too much work. Alyssa brings a box of donuts from Honeydew, which were sampled and found to compare well with Dunks. And of course, they wind up with some good Rowley talk and a promise to record more often.

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Retail Cannabis in Salem

Witch City Mall Issues

The thoughts, statements, and opinions shared on PastryCast are those of the presenters and may not reflect the thoughts and opinions of Creative Collective LLC. (You also can’t blame the donuts if you disagree)

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