September 18, 2022

Peabody International Festival – Photo Highlights

by joeyphoenix

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Images by John Andrews for Creative Collective

The Peabody International Festival is the largest festival of its kind and the signature event in Peabody for over 35 years. Dozens of civic organizations, nonprofits, local businesses, cultural groups, crafters and artisans line Downtown Peabody with delicious food and artwork inspired from places all around the world.

The Festival continues to attract between 50,000 and 80,000 people to Peabody Square. Popular bands and performance groups entertain the crowd, and a program designed specifically for kids makes this extremely popular festival in early September a real crowd pleaser.

This year’s festival fell on Sunday, September 11th. Here are some photo highlights!

A curvy black person with short cropped hair in a mickey mouse t-shirt smiles behind her booth at the Peabody International FestivalA small display of colorful hand carved wooden figurines on top of a blue tablecloth at the Peabody International Festival A person of color with a reversed black baseball cap and a red shirt prepares food at the peabody international festival Afrolatina poet Michelle LaPoetica reads a story to a young white girl outside during the Peabody International Festival. Michelle wears a patterned red dress and the girl wears a grey t-shirt and blue shorts. a group of 5 performers in elaborate blue traditional clothing hold hands with arms up at the end of a performance on stage at the peabody international festival a man with grey hair plays a guitar on stage at the Peabody International Festival


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