August 14, 2023

PEM Strengthens Curatorial Team with Key Hires in Salem, MA

by cns2020

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The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, MA, is growing and enhancing its curatorial team by hiring three outstanding individuals. These new members will bring fresh and innovative perspectives to PEM’s world-renowned collections of art and culture. This exciting news emphasizes the museum’s commitment to sharing art and culture in novel ways, engaging audiences, and fostering partnerships.

Fresh Perspectives on American Art and Culture

PEM’s goal to delve into the diverse and evolving aspects of the American experience has fueled the addition of two curators who are experts in American art and culture to their already talented team. This targeted hiring is more than just an expansion; it’s a strategic move designed to bring new perspectives and insights to the museum.

These new curators will collaborate with existing team members who have specialties in various fields like fashion, photography, contemporary, maritime, Native American, and Asian art. This collaboration sets the stage for exciting and innovative multidisciplinary research. It paves the way for fresh interpretations that will breathe new life into exhibitions, infusing them with vitality and relevance.

The combined expertise and shared vision of the new and existing curatorial team will provide a rich and multi-layered exploration of American art and culture, cementing PEM’s reputation as a hub of innovation and excellence in the arts.

Dr. R. Ruthie Dibble, The Robert N. Shapiro Curator of American Decorative Art

Dr. Dibble is now PEM’s first Robert N. Shapiro Curator of American Decorative Art, thanks to an endowment by Robert N. Shapiro, a longtime museum supporter. She specializes in American and British decorative arts from The Chipstone Foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work explores the global movement of objects, craft’s relationship to identity, and craftspeople’s role in societal change. She’s keen on collaboration and connecting with the community.

Dr. Dibble’s credentials include Yale University, Williams College, and Hamilton College degrees. At PEM, she will manage an exceptional collection of American decorative arts, including furniture and material culture, and work on developing a gallery and exhibition schedule.

Dr. Jeffrey Richmond-Moll, The George Putnam Curator of American Art

Dr. Richmond-Moll comes from the Georgia Museum of Art and will oversee a vast American art collection at PEM. His expertise spans from the colonial era to the late 20th century, with a focus on interdisciplinary and experimental strategies.

With a Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Delaware and an A.B. from Princeton University, he’s also the former Co-Chair of the Association of Historians of American Art.

Dr. Jiyeon Kim, Curator of Korean Art

Finally, Dr. Jiyeon Kim has taken up the Curator of Korean Art role, with funding from the National Museum of Korea. Dr. Kim will be responsible for developing PEM’s new Korean art gallery, set to open in 2025.

Her extensive experience and education include teaching in Korea and the U.S., including Montserrat College of Art, and prior involvement with PEM’s Korean collection. With her doctorate in Korean art history from the University of California, Los Angeles, she’s well-equipped to create a gallery experience to showcase this significant collection, one of the earliest Korean art collections in the United States.

A Bright Future Ahead

These key hires mark an exciting phase for PEM, strengthening the museum’s ability to provide innovative, engaging experiences and broaden its appeal to diverse audiences. The new curators’ collaborative spirit and expertise promise a future filled with exciting exhibitions, fresh insights, and deeper connections within the community.

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