July 24, 2019

PEM Summer Block Party: Vendors, Food Trucks, Music, and More

by cns2020

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The Peabody Essex Museum has held their Summer Block Party for the past two years, and are bringing it back for a third year! The highly successful party has grown throughout all of its iterations and is now what it is today. This year, the Summer Block Party will be held on July 27th from 3 pm to 10 pm. There will be vendors selling their beautiful creations, music housed in The Wandering Stage with an incredible line up of performers, food trucks galore, and the museum will be open and free during the Block Party.


Vendors will include a mix of different artists and creatives, selling original work, prints, jewelry, and other types of products.

Ben Stebbings is a local artist who uses spray paint as his medium, creating gorgeous pieces that invoke graffiti-style art. Brit K. Caley is a graphic artist and designer. Her digital art is incredible; she also paints, sings, and cosplays. Rest Press creates prints. Each block print is carved by hand and individually designed, and printed by hand. Rusty and Ingrid are a husband and wife team that create beautifully colored and layered prints that reflect the New England landscape and area.

Studio McGaughey has beautifully done illustrations that are inspired by different stories, histories, and characters. Eric Draws Art is a watercolor artist who is inspired by fantasy, science fiction, and comic books. Gentlemen Bats creates portraits of saucy bats using acrylics and coffee! Roseadela’s Artwork is centered around watercolor pieces. Most of her artworks are inspired by real life. Annadidathing creates large pieces of art, as well as smaller pieces and accessories. She loves chalk art, different font types, and dogs!

Mamas Gardens Skin Care is an online store that uses only the best ingredients to make small batches of soaps, lotions, scrubs, sprays, and masks. Beverly Bees takes care of and saves bees. They sell 100% beeswax candles in fun shapes and designs, and all-natural honey from their many hives! Salter’s Point Provisions uses salt from the local Cape Ann waters to craft all of their salts, scrubs, sprays, soaps, and balms! The Chaos Factor takes inspiration from the elements, the moon, the ocean, and the woods. They find balance with these elements and infuse their wellness products to create balance within the chaos of the world.

Lisa Page Pottery creates everything by hand, using a throwing wheel. She also takes the time to carve and glaze each piece of pottery by hand, adding that personal touch. Witch DR is a blown glass studio that makes a variety of blown glass objects, focusing mostly on smoking accessories, such as pipes and bongs. Bats in the Belfry sells handmade plushies that come in all shapes and sizes for the darkly minded. They also have some pins, prints, and stickers!

CreativeCinderella uses a few different mediums to express herself. From beautiful spider-webbed jewelry, pillows, and tabletops, all of her work is amazing. Ravenstone creates beautiful jewelry, mainly earrings and bracelets of metal and stone. Hypnovamp is dedicated to creating elegant jewelry for the modern space vixen and is inspired by witchcraft, science fiction, and mid-century design.

Cruz Art Designs has comfy and wearable shirts with their statement bees! The Pulp Girls sell clothing, pins, and other goodies for all the pop culture fanatics, aliens, and queens! Georgia Made This is a young creative who draws designs inspired by her favorite Witch City, and her dad creates pins, cups, shirts, and stickers out of her whimsical drawings! The Jellyfish lady loves jellyfish and other cephalopods! She crochets little cuddly creatures that are adorable and colorful. Notso Kitty is dedicated to cats, cat-lovers, and making cats look adorable, which isn’t hard with her cute cat accessories, for both cats and their humans!

Food Trucks

A wide array of different foods and cuisines will be represented at the Block Party. A bunch of the best food trucks from the North Shore area will be present!

A&B Burgers is a staple in the Beverly area, and they’ll show up serving up their award-winning burgers with style. Some Mediterranean flair from Cravin’ Shallot will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. Pizza, an all-around classic, is being served by 3rd Alarm Wood Fired Pizza. Representing a cuisine from the Fertile Crescent is Zaaki Food Truck, who specialize in Kushari. This style of food is very communal and familial and dates back to the 1800s. And finally, the last of the savory food trucks is Crepe du Jour, with made to order savory and sweet crepes.

Dessert is always the best part of any meal, and two food trucks are taking up the dessert torch. The Whoo(pie) Wagon with wonderful whoopie that are made fresh daily and are delicious! They even have little whoofie pies for dogs! And it wouldn’t be a Summer Block Party without ice cream! So Melt ice Cream is coming in clutch and will be serving innovative ice cream flavors made with local ingredients.


The music at the Summer Block Party will be housed in The Wandering Stage, which is a large stage that can travel because it’s built into a trailer. The musicians and performers are all super talented and will be an amazing addition to all the vendors and food trucks.

The music starts at 3 pm with DJ Noel Snow. He’ll play until around 6 pm, when Rilla Force, another DJ, will do a short set. Anjimile, who is a folk singer and songwriter, will take over at around 6:15 pm, followed by Ali McGuirk, who does soul, at 6:50 pm. Rilla Force will have another short set and will be followed by Other Than Boston, a funk, soul, cover band, who will start playing around 7:20 pm. Another short set by Rilla Force before Benji, an R&B and pop singer, will start around 8:10 pm, and will followed by Latrell James, who does some hip-hop and punk; he’ll play until the party ends at 10 pm!

This Summer Block Party hosted by the Peabody Essex Museum will be amazing, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t drop by to check out the vendors, maybe try some fun food, or take a moment to listen to some live music!