July 14, 2022

Pop-up @ GALA presents Sarah Arcotta

by joeyphoenix

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All summer long, GALA (Galleries at LynnArts) will be offering week long Pop-ups to area artists and creatives. 

From July 12th to July 18th, Sarah Arcotta will be in the community gallery. 

Cabinets of curiosities, also known as ‘wonder rooms’ or ‘wunderkammer’ were collections of xtraordinary objects. These cabinets of curiosities attempted to categorize and tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world. Compartmentalized and organized in boxes, specimens immortalized, studied and revered. Objects isolated to bring awareness to their unique mysterious nature. As an artist and art teacher Sarah Arcotta has a love for all art materials and techniques, from painting to printmaking to sculpture. Containing drawings, paintings, prints and objects, her curiosity cabinets are a way for her to intertwine her love for the natural world and her love for all art mediums and techniques. Her most recent series of cabinets inspired by the metaphysical world will be on display for the first time at Galleries at Lynn Arts, July 12-18. We hope to see you there!

Sarah’s Pop-up schedule:

7/13: 10am-2pm

7/14: 10am-2pm

7/15: 10am-2pm, 6pm-8pm

7/16: 11am-5pm (event: pop-in)

7/17: By appointment

Come on Saturday, July 16th, 11am-5pm, and create a mini found object collage, (all

materials provided while supplies last)!

For more information, please visit www.galleriesatlynnarts.org    Or call Annette Sykes at 617-909-9211.

GALA is located at 25 Exchange St, Lynn, MA 01901.            

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