January 21, 2020

Riveting Broads – Karen Ristuben

by joeyphoenix

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Systems Philanthropy | Arts, Culture and the Power of Human Connection | With Karen Ristuben

via Riveting Broads

On this week’s episode, Jacqui and Molly are joined by Karen Ristuben, Program Director at the Essex County Community Foundation where she manages the Creative County Initiative in partnership with the Barr Foundation and many other arts funders across Essex County (North of Boston). This effort, over a 5-year period, will invest more than $2 Million in the arts, culture and creative sector.

The three broads discuss the role of figurative and literal bridge-building, place-making, arts and culture, creative ‘bridgers’ and creative capital in building rich, sustainable, diverse and alluring community ‘destinations’ that attract and inspire current and prospective citizens.

Also jokes!


Announcing the 2020 Riveting Broads Summit!

Hosted by Miranda’s Hearth and the Riveting Broads, this daylong event will bring together thought leaders, creative visionaries, political representatives, and entrepreneurs from across New England to explore womanhood through an equitable, inclusive, intersectional lens.

With a full day of thought-provoking breakout sessions, artistic performances, and keynote speakers, guests will explore how representation and gender dynamics have evolved, where they have remained stagnant, and how everyone benefits when the world prioritizes diversity. PROPOSALS We are currently accepting proposals for talks, panels, workshops, and artistic performances at the summit.

Please submit your proposal here.

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