September 19, 2019

Riveting Broads Podcast – With Kristen Morrell

by cns2020

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Chicken Pox Sleepovers and Kicking the Tires on the U.S. Healthcare System


In the studio this week, Jacqui and Molly are joined by Kristen Morrell, registered dietician, nutritionist, and expert in functional medicine, to explore the polarizing arguments surrounding government-mandated vaccinations for children, associated public health risks, functional medicine, holistic health and the trials and tribulations of speaking up at the risk of controversy.

This episode marks the first time that the broads intentionally tackle a topic that all three women approach from different but interrelated perspectives — and that is centered on an emotionally-charged and extremely complex issue that is continuously evolving.

The Riveting Broads’ platform is intended as a safe space to ask questions that you might be hesitant to address in everyday life. The hope is that by forcing a conversation around something deemed ‘risky’ in social contexts, we can all have a more productive dialogue across the board.

Also, jokes!

At Riveting Broads, we believe that the important conversations in media and politics — and in everyday life — are too often ABOUT women instead of WITH them. We plan to change that. With two dynamic co-hosts and a rotating featured guest, Riveting Broads is a judgment-free platform for women to talk vulnerability, autonomy, identity, politics, culture, religion and everything in between. Tune in to hear from us and directly from our guests, including but not limited to aspiring and tenured women professionals, citizens, community members, activists, politicians and more on the complex and beautiful world in which we live. Subscribe on SPOTIFY and ITUNES