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“BlackCraft Cult are firm believers that you don’t need God or any organized belief system in order to be a good person. To be kind to all man and animal kind, and do positive things for others.
Spawned out of a Southern California attic in the summer of 2012, BlackCraft’s inception was the collaborative brainchild of Jim Somers and Bobby Schubenski. The duo began with a sparse one hundred dollar investment in their pockets and a singular idea to motivate people in a positive light outside of the realms of organized religion. An idea that has manifested and grown, reaching people of all walks of life across the globe.
At BlackCraft, we live by the ethos of kindness, gratitude, and positivity. We celebrate self-empowerment, self-expression, and all aspects of life that encourage personal freedom. For those of you who have embraced us from the beginning- thank you for the continued support. For those of you who are discovering us, welcome. We hope that our products will encourage you to believe in yourself and create your own future.”
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black shirt depicts blackcraft cult "the lovers" tarot card with two skeletons kissing

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