Chthonic Star

About the Member

Chthonic Star provides balance-conscious tools, supplies, and education to all levels of magical practitioners. We strongly believe in the ethical stewardship and wise use of earthly resources. We encourage practitioners to make environmentally friendly decisions, within their means, as often as they are able, and empower them to be an ever-improving responsible and respectful steward of planetary, energetic, universal, and spiritual power.

Our goal is to become an industry standard for how to start, grow, and/or improve the environmental footprints and handprints of pagan/occult operations and practices while providing superior products to customers at competitive prices. As such, it is important for us to improve the environmental impacts of our operations and our offerings year-to-year while helping others find ways to improve the impacts of their personal practices.

A group of candles on a table in front of a dark background.
Full cycle witchcraft by christian star.
A jar with a label on it that reads othrone star.