Circle of Stitches

About the Member

Circle of Stitches is a witchy boutique and full-service yarn shop. When you visit us, you’ll find a selection of gifts and items for the home made by independent artists and companies with values we support. We have locally-made soy candles, local jewelry, independently published tarot decks, crystals, and more!

We have a broad selection of high-quality yarns for knitting, crocheting, and weaving. Our focus on small-batch and locally made also extends to our yarn selection, and we are proud to work with companies such as Harrisville Designs, O-Wool, Brooklyn Tweed, and Toil & Trouble, which is hand-dyed right here in Salem. We are more than just a store. We are a gathering space, a welcoming community and a group of highly experienced knitters, crocheters, and teachers, ready to help you pick your perfect project and expand your skills to be the fiber artist you want to be!

We believe in the value and importance of handmade, and we are here to show you that the fiber arts are very much a contemporary craft!  We focus on contemporary aesthetics and wearable projects, because we believe that hand-knitting and crocheting, apart from being great skills, are a way to help you build the style and lifestyle you want. Making by hand is an opportunity to slow down, to connect with like-minded folks.

We believe in the importance of nurturing ourselves and our community. This is why when you visit us, you’ll find beautiful handmade candles, a gorgeous selection of tarot decks and oracle cards, tumbled crystals, and so much more.