Elysian Design

About the Member

This Transylvanian, self-taught artist creatively explores the notion of contradiction through her floral and jewelry designs. Her creations exhibit simple, minimalistic shapes contrasted by bold, rich textures and elaborate compositions.

Her intuitive design process offers insight into her own perception of the world. There is a strong component of storytelling within her work that leaves viewers to use their imagination.

She innovatively uses a variation of mediums to create bold and curvaceous designs. What ends up transpiring are one-of-kind, hand-made pieces that bear an intricate and contemporary feel.

Experience the charm of our necklace adorned with blue flowers and inscribed with a delightful poem - an ideal blend of aesthetics and sentiments. Perfect for self-expression or as a thoughtful gift.
An ornate vase brimming with vibrant flowers and lush leaves, delicately perched on a rustic wooden table.
An engaging monochrome photograph featuring a woman with lusciously curly hair.