KyElla Design Co.

About the Member

KyElla Design Co., a creative venture founded by two best friends in Rhode Island, specializes in designing unique jewelry and clothing pieces. The journey began serendipitously during the pandemic when, seeking solace and a creative outlet, the friends started crafting beaded bracelets. What started as a therapeutic hobby soon burgeoned into a thriving business.

Overflowing with more bracelets than they could handle, the duo began gifting their creations to friends and family. The positive reception was overwhelming, prompting enthusiastic recipients to suggest they turn their passion into a business. Taking this encouragement to heart, KyElla Design Co. decided to test the waters at vendor events and flea markets.

To their delight, the response was beyond their expectations. It became evident that the pieces resonating most with people were the ones reflecting the creators’ personalities, featuring a blend of humor, and showcasing a unique personal style. What started as a humble bracelet-making hobby unexpectedly transformed into KyElla Design Co., a venture that continues to evolve and captivate customers. This is just the beginning of the KyElla Design Co. journey.