The Sea Wych Salem

About the Member

 A small, woman-owned e-commerce site based in Salem, MA (US) dedicated to sea and water witchcraft.  Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop and resources for sea and water witches everywhere.  Our products are made with ethically sourced and foraged materials – and anything not made by The Sea Wych is sourced from small, woman or minority owned businesses and practitioners who ensure that no harm is done when foraging and gathering their materials.  If a product contains materials from a traditionally closed practice (e.g., white sage), those materials are sourced directly from the indigenous people who grow or use them.  Our goal is to move from e-commerce to a brick and mortar location in Salem, and to offer workshops, classes, creative events, and more!

A collection of driftwood and beads creatively arranged as a decorative hanging accessory for beds.
A vibrant, blue and purple bowl displayed on a table.