Salem Style

About the Member

Salem Style is a local crochet accessories company that makes crochet modern and anything but granny (no offense to granny). The Salem Style original handmade crochet collection features pieces that are inspired by and named after places in Salem, MA.

Julianna Donovan is a fifth-generation crocheter with over 25 years of crocheting experience. We offer handmade hats, scarves, ear warmers, and coffee cup cozies. In addition, we also curate magical goods from other indie makers. Salem is a magical place, and by wearing one of our items, you can feel the magic of Salem wherever you go.

A woman with blonde hair is comfortably seated on the floor within a room painted in white.
A woman dons a neutral-toned sweater while holding an array of hand-knitted scarves.
Four ladies donned in stylish hats and sunglasses, enjoying some rooftop moments.
A woman enjoying her coffee and donut.
An assembly of ladies positioned on a brick-paved pathway.
A woman with blonde hair is comfortably settled on the floor, lovingly cradling a cup shaped like a donut.