May 13, 2020

Stay-at-Home Order Brew Competition

by cns2020

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By Valerie Bruno / Originally Crafted Events

Bringing people together is more challenging than ever given the sudden arrival of COVID-19. The Stay-at-Home Order Competition is here to bring breweries, distributors, and consumers together while adhering to the stay at home advisory and social distancing restrictions currently in place. A portion of the proceeds from kit sales will be going to local healthcare workers in support of all the amazing work they continue to do.

Although craft and imported beer sales are up, overall volume growth is down 1.6%, according to the U.S Brewers Association. Being able to bring more awareness to local breweries, liquor stores, and distributors while supporting local Covid-19 workers is the main goal of the Stay-at-Home Order Brew Competition; with the hopes, of course, to also help increase sales for all parties.


Originally Crafted Events is offering a fun and creative way to keep you connected with your friends, family, and favorite breweries during this unprecedented time; all while giving back to our local healthcare workers.
Today you may not able to travel to some of your favorite breweries, so we are bringing them to you!

The Stay-at-Home Order Variety Pack brings you a smorgasbord of brews from almost a dozen local breweries where you are then able to then go online and vote for your favorite brew.

After purchasing your Stay-at-Home Order Variety Pack from a local liquor store, try them all and be sure to open your thank you pack inside. You are then able to go online and vote for your favorite brew. Snap a picture to share online with your friends, the brewery, Originally Crafted Events, and the liquor store you purchased it from! – you might just win a prize from a local business!

We all love seeing your faces and the support you continuously give us! After the votes are in, Originally Crafted Events will share the results online announcing which brewery won your votes! With 100% of Originally Crafted Events profits going to our local healthcare workers, the Healthcare Heroes Fund, you have the satisfaction of knowing your purchase is not only supporting your favorite local breweries and businesses but giving back to a great cause

Liquor Stores/ Distributors: At the moment, these specialty packs are available at Mystic Wines, stay tuned for updates on even more liquor stores coming online! If you would like your local stores to offer these packs, reach out and let Val know!


Breweries will compete for online votes in the Stay-at-Home Order. Each brewery will have one beer in a variety pack; after the consumer buys and drinks the variety pack, they will go online and vote (until a designated date). The voting will be handled and processed by Originally Crafted Events through a third-party website. Breweries will choose one 16oz beer to compete in the Stay- at- Home Order brew variety pack. 

Participating Breweries in the first Stay At Home Order pack:

Jack’s Abby – Hoponius 16oz can 

Hoponius Union Hoppy Lager 6.5% abv

Jack’s Abby describes their Indian Pale Lager as a “traditional IPA but with a twist – it’s fermented cold and aged for extended periods.”

This Indian Pale Lager definitely has a twist! With a 6.5% abv, Hoponius Union pours a golden honey color with a fluffy half inch head. This IPL has aromas of citrusy hops with a tone of bitterness. This IPL has a solid carbonation, has that bitterness after taste and finishes dry. Haven’t had many IPL’s before, but overall a reputable choice to have on the back deck after work at least once a week, or twice.  

Founded by the Hendler brothers in 2011, and located in Framingham, Ma, Jack’s Abby has become a must stop spot for brew connoisseurs and novel drinkers alike. As much as they are dedicated to brewing the perfect beers, Jack’s Abby is committed to their team; they are “the heart of our business,” which is why there is no surprise when you see their long list of awards. Since opening, their brewery, they have tripled in size, featuring a kitchen and even opened a completely separate brewery; Springdale Beer Co. their “experimental and barrel-aging tap room.” Brewing beer is no easy task, and creating authentic German-style flavors takes time and technique, Jack’s Abby hits the nail on the head.

“We are committed to making the best Craft lagers that we possibly can and we’re always trying to bring surprises to our beers and delight our fans. We created the original IPL and thought this project with Originally Crafted was a cool way to share our IPL in a sea of IPA. Prost!”

Springdale IPA 6.2% – Flagship IPA

Springdale describes their flagship IPA as “truly bi-coastal, it draws inspiration from the best of the East- and West- coast styles, culminating in the perfect balance of dank bitterness and tropical hop character.”

This IPA has a citrus aroma with a pale golden body and a smaller frothy cap. With a mild carbonation and uniquely blended hops, it leaves a bitter aftertaste, however still leaves you wanting more. Enjoy this 6.2% IPA any day other week, you won’t be disappointed.

Springdale Beer Co. is a unique brewery located in Framingham, Ma, founded by the brewers of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers. Wanting to explore, create, and test the boundaries of fermentation and flavors, Springdale launched the largest barrel program in Massachusetts with over 1300 barrels. But they, of course, did not stop there, they have created beers from their traditional flagship IPA to traditional European beers, to kettle-sours. Springdale Beer Co is an exceptional brewery with a great team all working hard to find new ways to share their beers with us.

“For us IPA means In Pursuit of Adventure.  It’s how we’ve approached this beer from the beginning, and we’re all certainly on an adventure together now.  We really enjoyed working with Originally Crafted Events to make this one of a kind experience for all of the beer fans out there and we hope everyone is staying safe, and finding big and small ways to navigate their adventures.”

Bent Water – Sluice Juice 16oz can 

Sluice Juice New England IPA 6.2%

Bent Water describes Sluice Juice as their “juicy, hazy, and smooth New England IPA.”

With strong aromas of citruses; orange, tangerine, and lime, Sluice Juice is a refreshing New England IPA at 6.2% abv. This beer has a very hazy, yet light yellow body with a robust white cap, which does stick around for a bit. Sluice Juice is hoppier than anticipated, it seems to have lower carbonation and leaves a bitter yet smooth taste. Overall, another great NEIPA to enjoy on any occasion.

Bent Water Brewing Co. is located in a newly developing waterfront area, right off Rt.1A . Bent Water is also the only brewery in Lynn, Ma. At first glance, this facility may seem small, but they are a self-canning, self-distributing brewery, brewing their beer in a 30-barrel system. As they brew their beer on one side of the facility, the other sits a taproom, making it easy to have a dozen or so beers on tap; more than enough to quench anyone’s thirst!  

Another fun fact and something that makes Bent Water stand out from other local breweries is that it is “the first brewery east of the Mississippi River to use concrete vintner tanks typically used for wine fermentation.” Finding out new facts and how each local brewery is special in their own way, is only part of the enjoyment, of course drinking the beers the other!

“It’s the main ingredient in beer, it’s in our name, and the site of the brewery was selected because of its high quality in Lynn – WATER! While water is not unique to brewing, Bent Water Brewing’s focus on water is through a unique lens. We want to take the creativity of our team and brew the best quality beer possible and that starts with using the best quality water.

A strong foundation means the flavors and characteristics of our beers will be front and center. But a strong finish for our beers isn’t where the water stops flowing. Bent Water takes all of the byproducts and wastewater from the brewing process and returns it to its original source, just as pure as it started.”

True North- Northern Haze Juicy NE IPA 16oz can 

Northern Haze New England Juicy IPA 6.7%

True North Ales describes their Northern Haze IPA as a “full mouthfeel and a heavy hop/protein haze.”

Cracking open a can of Northern Haze, you are able to smell aromas of citrus and mild berries. This juicy IPA has a nice pale yellow hazy-fog color with a fading white head. Northern Haze starts off citrusy and ends with a slight bitterness. The fruity undertones and medium to mild carbonation make’s this IPA enjoyable and easy to drink. No surprise True North Ales won a Silver Metal for this delicious 6.7% abv IPA.

This family owned and run business is a brewery for anyone’s list. True North Ale Company, located in Ipswich, Ma, grew from one man’s love of home brewing and blossomed into a 30-barrel production brewhouse.

Keeping to the family roots; Gary Rogers and his son, Jake, opened True North Ale Co. in 2017. Since then, with the help of their team, they have put forth great dedication to provide their customers with the best quality beers possible. From creating a customized brew system with DME, to investing in a brewery lab for quality control, True North Ales has gone the extra mile to provide high value beers. You get that overall feeling of quality when you are standing in the brewery sipping a beer and are actually able to see them canning their beers (100 cans per minute that is)! With this high standard of quality, it is no wonder True North Ales has won numerous awards in such a short period of time;

“We love to brew great beer. And we love to compete! Recall Judge Smails asking Ty Webb “How do you measure yourself against other golfers if you don’t keep score?” Ty replied, “By height.” Well, we like to keep score. Thus, the many prestigious awards we’ve received. Northern Haze IPA won a Silver Medal at the 2019 North American Brewers Association competition. We are confident it will also fare well in this variety pack competition”

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