August 9, 2021

#SummerSnaps: Evie Richards-Cashman Photography

by joeyphoenix

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Evie (pronounced Eh-vie) Richards-Cashman (she/her/hers) is a fine art portrait, boudoir, and branding photographer based in Salem, MA. As a former healthcare professional, she’s offering complementary photo sessions for healthcare professionals. Email her today at to set up your session.

Who are you and how did photography find you? 

I’m Evie Richards-Cashman. I’m a portrait photographer and I just (officially) started my business. I’m a retired critical care pharmacist, but I’ve been doing photography since I was 12.

I got my first camera from my grandparents whose house I live in now, which has a lot of meaning for me. And I did a search last year because I wanted to find and use the first camera I had ever worked with, and I did. I found it online. 

I went to pharmacy school late in life and I used photography – helping my dad take pictures for the notecard business we co-owned – to help pay for my school books. I also photographed my kids – who are tired of me photographing them all the time but I still do – as well as landscapes, and flowers. 

But what was really my start was when I photographed one of my co-workers at her wedding and based on those photographs someone else asked me if I could take their picture. And that was about 5 years ago now. 

I joined a professional education group. And I’ve learned so much I’ve been taking classes ever since. And I just moved into my new studio in Salem, which is really exciting. I’ve done three shoots up there so far and I really want to focus on beauty, boudoir, and personal branding.

Image by Evie Richards-Cashman Photography

What was the first photograph you took that really wowed you? 

I have one picture of my three boys in my neighborhood. And I had them posing, and as a backdrop, I have a clothesline with all my mother’s laundry. [she laughs] I still have that picture. I really enjoy just capturing moments in time like that. 

You have a pretty unique policy on digital images, tell us about that. 

We’re in the digital age and there’s no avoiding it. Everybody’s doing digital, which is why a digital image is a part of what people receive when they work with me. But they get it when they get a print. I don’t do them separately except for personal branding.

Image by Evie Richards-Cashman Photography

I feel it’s a way of leaving a legacy to family members. It’s so important. I also think it’s really special to have those moments with a slideshow and music so people can see those legacy images. That impact is really beautiful to me. Twenty, thirty, forty years from now these photos are going to matter and with a print you’re going to be able to show them to people. 

What’s working with you like? 

I just try to provide a safe and comfortable space. That’s number one priority, especially if I’m doing boudoir and beauty. I want to make it light and fun and an escape for a couple of hours. Everyone deserves to be pampered, and with hair and makeup and having them be the center of attention, it’s a really great time. 

Where can people find out more about you and your work? 

They can check out my website at or find me on FB at and on instagram @evie_richards_cashman.