March 29, 2024
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The Good Witch Coven’s Enchanting Growth

by cns2020
Ashley Tina’s Beacon of Light and Love The narrative of Ashley Tina, an elementary school teacher specializing in ELL and Special Education, underscores the profound impact of social and emotional development on children’s academic success. This journey from educator to visionary was propelled by a deep commitment to enhancing children’s and families’ well-being. After stepping into parenthood in 2012, Ashley
March 29, 2024
August 15, 2023
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Black Lives Matter

Celebrating Black Owned Businesses on the North Shore of MA

by kati.creativecollective
August is Black-Owned Business Month, a time to celebrate and elevate the brilliance of Black entrepreneurship and leadership in our communities. With hearts ignited by solidarity and a shared vision, we stand ready to champion local black-owned businesses, nurturing aspirations and cultivating connections that weave the tapestry of our neighborhoods. Here are 10 great Black-Owned Businesses and Black-led organizations to
August 15, 2023