December 11, 2018

Regulate Yours Talent Show: Creating Opportunities with Power Steps

by cns2020

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by Katie Kobel 

The North Shore based life coaching service, Regulate Yours, hosted a talent show to raise money for scholarships for their program on Sunday, December 2 at Opus in Salem. The night showcases a variety of different local acts including musical acts, poets, and dancing with extremely talented performers. 

The event also featured a raffle with an assortment of prizes from local businesses and artists including Mini Movers Studio, Bit Bar, and many more. There was also a silent auction of paintings from local artists. All proceeds from both the raffle and the silent auction went to funding scholarships for the Power Steps program.

The goal for the night was to grow the Power Steps Program scholarship fund so that those who wanted to participate, but couldn’t afford the program, could get the financial support they need. Program founders Kristina and Arjana believe that no person should be left behind.

In the future, the hope is to expand the business into schools and be able to partner with them so the program can be offered to more people. They hope to grow the company and hire more people to make that possible. Within the next five years, they plan to grow throughout the North Shore while also continuing to grow this scholarship fund to continue to provide financial support to students and families.

Arjana and Kristina Makoci are co-owners of Regulate Yours Life Coaching. Regulate Yours is a life coaching service that offers different programs including individual and couples coaching as well as a teen group called ‘Power Steps’.

Power Steps is a program that generated in the initial planning stages of Regulate Yours Life Coaching. Kristina and Arjana found when they spoke to the younger generation during focus groups that they had many of the same struggles and challenges coming out of high school and college. They continued to survey students so that they could create a curriculum that will help them with these transitions and questions.

“I was one of those kids that went to college because I had to. I enjoyed my experience but it didn’t really teach me anything new…I feel like we owe it to the younger versions of ourselves to help them through this because it really only gets harder and harder today.”

-Kristina Makoci

They created Power Steps as a life coaching group for transitional age youth who are trying to figure out their next steps in life. With a well thought out curriculum, the eight week program meets once a week for a 90 minute session and discusses anything from self-exploration to stress, time, and financial management. The program is offered at $75 per class, per student which adds up to $600 per student for the full program.

You can find out more about Regulate Yours and the Power Steps Program at