May 7, 2019

Thanks, Moms! – Creative Collective's Under $50 Mother's Day Gift Guide

by cns2020

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What do North Shore Moms really want for Mother’s Day? They want to be pampered, want someone else to cook dinner and clean the house for a change, and they also want to spend some quality time with the people in their life who they really love.

It’s no hardship to do something special for the hardest working people in our lives. Moms are caregivers who make our lives a little bit easier. Moms are the people in your life who were there to help you when you fell down and skinned your knee, who gave you a pep talk when you failed at something, who always believed in you no matter what.

Here are some of the best gifts for the traditional, non-traditional, and Mom-like Moms in your life – some things that won’t break the budget but will show them how much you care.

While you peruse this great list, all of us at the Collective are going to go call our Moms (Hi Mom!).


The one thing your mom probably needs more than anything else right now is a good massage. Freedom Massage by Ellie offers a 25-minute chair massage for $37.50. Splurge for an hour-long session with a $70 Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. You can also help her recharge her batteries with a gift card to one of the many yoga classes on the North Shore. Namaste, Moms!

Is your Mom a reader? Check out some of these new publications from local authors like the Fifth Petal from Brunonia Barry, Rewilding from January O’Neil, OMG by Jenny Pivor, or any of these great titles by FunDead Publications for those spooky spooky vibes.

Also, consider this Sapphire Beach Sea Salt and Coconut Scrub from Salter’s Point, the perfect gift for a Mom that just wants to chill. Plus, all proceeds from the sale of this scrub are sent directly to aid year-round residents of the islands. Check out their full list of selections for more scents and gifts.


Coon’s Cards and Gift Shop is full of great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. We love these fern earrings from Ravenstone, but the options certainly don’t stop there. Does your Mom have a witchy vibe? Coven’s Cottage has a wide selection of gifts, herbs, and books – but they also have jewelry, including these Amethyst Earrings by Sabrina Melody.

Looking for something on the darker side? Die with Your Boots On’s shop in downtown Salem is full of great clothes, jewelry, and gifts. Their Hypnovamp jewelry collection is especially gorgeous. Also check out Vampfangs while you’re at it, including this beautiful necklace from Cinderella’s Creations.


Does your Mom love tea and coffee? Consider picking her up freshly roasted coffee from Essex Coffee Roasters (available online or from Front Street Coffeehouse in downtown Salem) or some packaged tea from Jolie Tea Company. Pair it with a coffee cozy from Salem Style and a glass straw from Witch Doctor.

Treat your Mom to a Spring wardrobe refresh with a dress from Modern Millie’s Spring Collection or some fresh designs, like this moon goddess dress from RocknHorror Apparel. Is your Mom a sports fan? Make sure to check out the great selection from Sully’s Brand, including this great shirt for hockey moms.

Looking for something smaller? Consider picking up some candles like these Beeswax ones from Beverly Bees or this Salem Common Soy Candle from Moody Interiors. Also, consider some prints or pop art, like this “Fragile Wings” piece from Bats in the Belfry, or some snarky gifts like these socks from Always Fits.

Have a little extra to spend on Mom? Consider these beautiful Mohair Cowls from Marina Griffin.