Galleries at Lynn Arts

About the Member

The Galleries At LynnArts (GALA) is an arts based collaborative that is in the process of becoming a Collaborative Nonprofit Art Gallery. It is lead by a small group of local artists and art organizers who have designed two galleries and a gallery shop. These spaces are used to exhibit group and solo shows as well as house a handmade shop filled with arts and crafts produced by North Shore artists and makers. We work with artists and makers at every stage of their career. Emerging artists are given support in developing their work, preparing work for professional presentation and exhibition, and access to the local gallery system. GALA is a community where the gallery spaces and outside events are used to promote and sell artwork from those artists who traditionally have had access to galleries and to invite makers who might not have had access into the space and honor their products and objects equally. We create community through exhibit receptions, artists’ sales and fairs, and by using the gallery spaces for public and private events. It is our intention to support the whole artist by creating programming to promote skills growth, wellbeing, and foster a healthy art community.

a store front window with a variety of paintings on it.
an empty room with a fireplace and large windows.
a wall with a bunch of pictures on it.
a table topped with lots of wooden statues.
a man and a woman painting a wall.