North Shore Glass School

About the Member

Discover the magic of glass art at North Shore Glass School in Salem, MA. Our studio offers a variety of classes, workshops, and private events covering glassblowing, flameworking, fusing, and stained glass techniques. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, our skilled instructors provide personalized guidance to help you explore and create stunning glass pieces. Join us for a fun and enriching experience, perfect for group outings, date nights, or solo adventures. Visit our website to learn more and book your glass art experience today!

An image captures an artisan in a workshop, skillfully holding a rod tipped with brilliant, incandescent glass. This captivating sphere radiates an intense glow of molten color and heat. In the backdrop, another worker is subtly blurred but visibly engaged, adding depth and energy to this dynamic crafts scene.
The North Shore Glass School's logo showcases a striking, contemporary style. It highlights an artistic flame illustrated in bold shades of red and yellow located over the school's abbreviation "NSGS". The school's complete name is also clearly mentioned below the emblem for a comprehensive understanding.