April 9, 2020

The Chaos Within – Subversive Storytelling with Macey Jennings

by joeyphoenix

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“When someone has the promise of what they want whether it’s love, or creativity, or justice – if they have the promise offered to them and see the demonstration of it taken away and denied, they leave yearning for it.”

Macey Jennings

Macey Jennings is a Beverly-based actress, writer, and playwright from Holden, Maine. She joins Joey on the podcast to talk about Elizabeth Derby West, the challenges of bringing the ghosts of the past to life in a dramatic setting, and the three elements that make up a good story. 

Macey debuted as a playwright with the creation of Homestead, an immersive piece custom-written for The Witch House and produced with History Alive, Inc. The play allowed the audience to observe a 17th-century colonial family on the brink of panic

Earlier this year, she wrote a show for History Alive Called Art and Craft to be performed at the Salem Inn., where the ghosts of Salem’s past were haunting both the living and the dead. 

Joey Phoenix and Macey Jennings of Moonrise Fae perform in the show that will not be named. Hint: It was an opera, on Halloween, in Peabody.

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