April 13, 2020

The Chaos Within – That Fickle Muse with Joe Sabourin

by joeyphoenix

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Where in soft purple hue, the hieland hills we view,
And the moon coming out in the gloaming.

– Loch Lomond, Traditional

Joe Sabourin joins Joey Phoenix on the podcast to talk about what it was like chasing his muse through the dark forest to create his brand new EP “The Gloaming.”

Joe Sabourin is a singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarist, and music teacher based in Boston, MA with influences including Tony Rice and James Taylor. 

His lyrics are often stories, flowing and cascading with his uniquely grounded guitar style. He’s no stranger to the dissonant interplay between notes that characterizes American Primitive guitar, and it shines throughout both his instrumental and lyrical works. 

On April 9th, Joe released his most recent EP – The Gloaming. Recorded on a cool March afternoon with a handful of mics and the unusual abundance of free time afforded by global pandemic, Sabourin explores the expansive quietness and space that comes from isolation. 

With The Gloaming, Sabourin weaves an atmospheric and dynamic tapestry that feels like a stroll through the woods just before dark.

Website: www.joesabourin.com
Patreon: patreon.com/joesabourinmusic
Instagram: @joesabourinmusic
Facebook: facebook.com/joesabourinmusic

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Hosted by Joey Phoenix, The Chaos Within is a podcast celebrating the weird, the wild, and the creative – featuring makers, doers, artists, and oddballs exploring the unknown and tapping into their creative energy.

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