September 25, 2018

The Write Space: Charlotte Gordon

by cns2020

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The Write Space is a monthly Q&A series from Creative Collective covering a local writer and a North Shore space(s) s/he associates with writing.  Questions? Contact:

Give us your best writerly bio.

Charlotte Gordon is an award-winning author whose work has appeared in The New York TimesWall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, among other publications. Her latest book, Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley (Random House) won the National Book Critics Circle award. She has also published Mistress Bradstreet: The Untold Story of America’s First Poet (Little, Brown) and The Woman Who Named God: Abraham’s Dilemma and the Birth of Three Faiths (Little, Brown). A Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Endicott College, Charlotte received her A.B. from Harvard College and her Ph.D. from Boston University. Most recently, she has written the Introduction to Penguin’s re-issue of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Tell us about a North Shore Write Space.

Mostly, I write at home in Gloucester. I live right on the Mill River and love watching the tides go in and out. Sometimes, I work in coffee shops and am grateful to the proprietors who let us sit there for hours. I love the Pleasant Street Café and The Lone Gull in Gloucester and the Atomic Café in Beverly.

When I’m in the North Shore, not writing, I’m …

I love to be outside. In the summers, I go to the beach. I run and walk. I also love going to the gym and seeing people – my work outs are my social life!

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on a story set in 17th century Jamestown.

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