October 14, 2018

Top 10 Fall Activities

by cns2020

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Top 10 Fall Activities

By Katie Kobel

Although there are days where the weather makes us believe it’s still summer, the fall season is officially upon us! Put away your bathing suits and break out those flannels. We are welcoming pumpkin spice everything and the smell of apple pies in the air. Wondering what fun things to do this fall? After asking various people what their favorite fall activities are we have comprised a list of the top ten things to do this fall.

  1. Embrace All Things Pumpkin

The first sign that fall is here is usually when the pumpkin spice coffees come out. Pumpkin is a signature taste and smell for the welcoming of fall. So whether you see a pumpkin spice coffee at the coffee shop, pumpkin pie or any pumpkin related food out at the grocery stores, it’s always a sign that fall is here. If you’re not into the taste of pumpkin, embrace the scent or sight of it! Break out those pumpkin candles, go to your local pumpkin patch and find the biggest pumpkin you can and carve it out with your favorite design. The possibilities are endless.

2. Apple Picking

3.  Bake Your Favorite Fall Treats

Whether it be pies, tarts, crisps, or crumbles, nothing beats the smell of a fresh baked fall dessert when you walk in the house. Use those apples and pumpkins you picked to make your favorite treat to share with friends and family. Maybe even pick up some fresh, warm apple cider donuts to share.

4. Corn Mazes

A fun activity for those of all ages is a corn maze. Challenge yourself and see how fast you can get through a corn maze and enjoy the time spent with the people you go with. Connors Farm in Danvers, Massachusetts is famous for their creative corn mazes with some shaped like Charlie Brown, the Witches of Salem, Family Guy characters, and a lot more. Westview Farms Creamery also has a great corn maze that takes visitors, on average, 1-2 hours to complete. There you can reward yourself after finishing with some homemade ice cream.

5. Bonfires

Invite your friends over for a nice bonfire. With the weather cooling down but not being unbearably cold, a bonfire is the perfect way to end a fall night. Have some friends over and break out the cornhole games or just sit around the fire talking. This is always a fall favorite for a relaxing night with friends and family.

6. Hike the Mountains/Take a Walk

7. Tailgate/Enjoy Football 

Another tell-tale sign of fall is the start of football season. Whether you watch professional football, college or high school level, or just like to get outside and play with some friends, football a big part of the fall season. Tailgating at games can always be fun for everyone. Get yourself out to a Patriots game at Gillette Stadium and experience tailgating for a profession game. Or attend a local college game at Boston College and get the experience of football. IF you’re more of a homebody, curl up on the couch and enjoy the game from your couch!

8. Movie Marathons

9. Leaf Jumping

Embrace the inner child in yourself. Rake up all the fallen leaves in your yard into one big pile, get a running start and just jump right in. You know you want to. Fall is the time you’ll see kids doing this just while walking down the street and it always puts a smile on my face. Not into jumping into the leaf pile? Try and catch them. Play a game with the kids and see who can catch the most leaves as they fall from the trees. Enjoy the competition and laughter as everyone makes their diving catches to collect leaves. Above all, just embrace your youth and the little things in life that bring joy.


A holiday that comes hand-in-hand with fall is Thanksgiving. Take time this fall season to reflect back on all the things you are thankful for. As fall is such a beautiful time of year, it is fitting that we can think of everything we are grateful to have in our lives. So while you prepare for your Thanksgiving feasts, take a moment to look at the people who surround you and just enjoy the things that you have.