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North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau (NBCVB)

The North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau (NBCVB) is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1955 to promote Essex County as a premier travel destination. As one of Massachusetts’ 16 regional tourism councils, NBCVB serves as the official liaison between the North of Boston region and the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.

Key Features:
  • Promotes Essex County, located 30 minutes from Boston
  • Represents an area with 5,000+ accommodation options
  • Showcases historic cities like Salem and Gloucester
  • Offers information about diverse attractions, including beaches, lighthouses, museums, and shopping
  • Provides resources for weddings, group tours, and meetings
Signature Programs:
  1. Weddings & Events: Comprehensive planning resources for all celebration needs
  2. Group Tours: Curated experiences showcasing authentic New England charm
  3. Meetings: Support for organizing corporate events and team-building activities
  4. Visitor Guide: Free comprehensive guide to regional accommodations, dining, and attractions
  5. North of Boston Happenings: Year-round event calendar featuring local activities and festivals

North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau promotes and enhances the North of Boston region as a vibrant, diverse destination for tourists, offering a blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and modern amenities.


NBCVB is crucial in driving tourism to Essex County, supporting local businesses, and showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage. Their efforts contribute significantly to the area’s economic vitality and help preserve its unique character.


North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau Maria Miles Visitor Center I-95 South, Salisbury, MA

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