July 16, 2020

True North Ale Company • Run the World

by Felicia Cheney

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By Valerie Bruno / Originally Crafted Events

True North Ale Company

Run the World Hazy Tropical IPA

2020 Pink Boots Brew 5.9% abv

True North Ales has collaborated with the Pink Boots Society to create “the 2020 Pink Boots Society hop blend [which] offers additional citrus as well as floral, grassy, and fresh wood tones”

This tropical collaboration is definitely one to try. The aromas of pineapple, mango and even a little coconut will most certainly fill you nose and make you want to take a big gulp. With orange puree added in, this brew pours smooth with very little to no head; the puree also makes this beer look almost juice like, as if they mixed pineapple with orange juice, yum. This Hazy Tropical IPA is sour, has some grassy qualities, has more carbonation that anticipated and finishes smooth with minor bitterness. This 5.9% abv floral- tropical- citrus brew is delicious and can be enjoyed any day of the week. 

The women of True North Ales has joined forces with the Pink Boots Society to create this unique brew for International Women’s Day to further the education of women in the brewing industry. The True North Ale’s team decided to use the same yeast for this Hazy Tropical IPA collaboration as they did for their Bright & Early Tropical IPA; but wanted it enhance the drinkability, so they created this brew with a lower ABV. Run the World Hazy Tropical IPA is exclusively sold at True North Ale Company located in Ipswich, Ma. Every four-pack sold, $2 dollars is donated to the Pink Boots Society.

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