February 17, 2021

Love Letters to… Campaign

by Felicia Cheney

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This February, Creative Collective and Salem Main Streets shared the love with the Love Letters to… Campaign – a Salem-wide art installation and accompanying social media campaign. that spread warmth, color, and appreciation to local businesses, residents, and visitors to the Salem’s So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival.

Love Letters was part of Salem Winterlude.


m.ink studio

m.ink studio

Love Letters Murals

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The Love Letters to… Campaign was an initiative that supported small businesses, makers, artisans, and performers! We created the Love Letters to…. campaign in the spirit of the month of February and the need to thank everyone who has been working so hard to keep us fed, clothed, and inspired throughout the challenges of the winter.

Window Design Artists

Hailey Bonia| Flourish Artistic Services

Anna Dugan | Annadidathing

Meg Nichols | m.Ink studios

Kate Feld | Ghost Wolf Handmade

Social Media Features

To accompany the murals around Salem, Creative Collective spread the love online as well with the Love Letters to…social media campaign. We selected small businesses, artists, and non-profits to feature in these series of posts. The social media campaign also encouraged followers to share their own appreciation for their favorite shops, restaurants, makers, and small businesses by leaving them a review.