April 15, 2021

3 Keys for Coping with Stress – Tradewinds Learning

by joeyphoenix

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We’re continuing our #StressAwarenessMonth highlights with Abby Myette of Tradewinds Learning.

In this great video, Abby gives 3 keys for coping with stress, answers the question of “why is our culture so stressed out?”, and tells us some great advice about how to stay grounded!

To learn more about Abby and Tradewinds Learning, go to https://www.tradewindslearning.com

Video Transcript:

I will say sometimes when we have big dreams for ourselves and our lives, we get really stressed out about making them happen. So how do we deal with that? What are some of my favorite ways of coping with stress?

One is to have a plan: if I can put everything I need to do down on paper and make a list, it’s not taking up space in my brain. And that is going to help me sleep better at night. And enjoy and focus on what I’m doing at that time, because I’m not running through all these ideas in my brain.

So to-do lists, brain dumps, those types of things really helped me deal with my stress.

The other key is to ask for support, right, whether it’s a friend or a partner, or a family member, having them help you out when and where you need, it can really help.

And I am really guilty of like trying to put everything on my plate and not asking for support when I need it. So ask for support.

And then of course, just take a break. Right? We can’t be productive all the time, even though I try.

So sometimes we just need to shut down the screen, put the work away, step away from the craziness, and just pause.

Why is Our Culture So Stressed Out?
There are a lot of reasons, I think. But I think a huge one is comparison-itis we are always scrolling social media and watching TV programs.

And there’s so much out there that’s showing us people who are perceived to be living these ideal lives. And we feel so many of us like oh my god, I’m supposed to be doing it that way. I’m supposed to have a kitchen that looks like hers. Or I’m just have a body that looks like theirs.

No. Like you have your life and the things that are important to you and the way that you want it to be. And that is enough, we’ve got to cut the comparison-itis. And I think that that will help a lot with all the stress that we’re experiencing.

One of the ways it’s just turning off all the screens, putting the computer away, putting the phone down, and just getting myself rooted in, you know, the outside, getting myself rooted with the people that I’m with getting myself rooted in a book. But just getting away from technology, I think is one great way to stay grounded

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received. And this was tough, because I’ve received a lot of really great advice over the years. But a coach that I’ve worked with her name’s am amber Lily Strim. She says, “if the dream is in you, it is for you.”

And I just love that reminder that if you have a dream, if there’s something that you truly desire, and believe is possible in your life, then you deserve it. And it it is for you it can happen. And so don’t forget that that whatever you want your life to look like whatever you want to accomplish, wherever you want to go, you can make it happen. Your dream is valid and deserves to become your reality.

My name is Abby and I am the owner of Tradewinds Learning and I help women turn the big, amazing dreams that we have for our lives, or even just the everyday dreams that we want to see happen. And I help you turn it from that dream into reality so that you can live a life that you love and are inspired by.

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