August 2, 2022

50+ special places to explore in ‘Salem & Beyond’ 

by joeyphoenix

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Salem has been called “New England’s treasure house” for good reason. There’s much to see and explore within walking distance of The House of the Seven Gables and, for those interested, within short drives north or west. With this month’s launch of The Gables’ refreshed and streamlined website come five carefully researched, beautifully illustrated itineraries called “Salem & Beyond.” 

The five itineraries each include at least 10 destinations to explore. The itineraries — Legend, Lore & Legacy; Hawthorne and Friends; Family Fun; Maritime Adventures; and Open Spaces for All — were created to provide fun and interesting experiences even for longtime residents but also for visitors from other regions or states. Each of the entries describes in lively detail the history, highlights and special features. Some destinations may be familiar, but many others are true hidden gems within “New England’s treasure house.” Most listings in the itineraries are open year-round and family friendly.

All explorations start at The House of the Seven Gables. To access the itineraries, go to The Gables’ website — — and find “Salem & Beyond” in the menu. Families will appreciate how carefully these destinations have been curated and described. Choose what’s of interest and head off on an adventure or two. Those who choose to participate will find more than 50 destinations in and around Salem and the North Shore, along with walking or drive times, and links for more. 

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