August 2, 2022

New Exhibit at GALA: Landscapes, Oceanscapes & Cityscapes

by joeyphoenix

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GALA (Galleries at LynnArts) is happy to announce their late summer show, “Landscapes, Oceanscapes & Cityscapes” curated by David La Chapelle and Linda Lea Bertrand. As with past openings, this exhibit is sure to provide wonderful local art and in keeping with the idea of sharing multiple artforms at our opening reception, we will have the Squeezebox Stompers Duo playing various types of music, including Cajun, Zydeco, Blues and Folk music.

Abigail Nelson

For this Landscapes, Oceanscapes & Cityscapes exhibit, we asked artists to show us artwork that is inspired by the world around them, specifically the natural and human-made environments. During the first three weeks of July, GALA hosted its first Plein Air Festival, bringing together a series of artist-speakers, an art historian, and a group of plein air painters as well as people who were inspired to try out plein air painting for the very first time. Both David La Chapelle and Linda Lea Bertrand presented workshops as part of this festival and also painted during the festival.

Ellen Garvey

David kicked off the event with a gallery talk about how and what to pack for a day of plein air painting. Linda Lea did an oil painting demonstration at Goldfish Pond in Lynn. Both of our curators are enthusiastic and seasoned plein air painters who have recently returned from painting excursions in Europe. David’s work is bold, strong and the painted brush strokes are thick and luxurious on the surface of his canvas and Linda Lea’s paintings are soft and dream-like, she filters a real-world composition into a nostalgic beautiful place that you want to see exist. Both are examples of how plein air painting today in New England is conscious of colors and textures, with emphasis on an emotional connection to the scene before the artist rather than just a simple photorealistic rendering of what is actually present on some particular day.

Deborah Perez

The Opening Reception for “Landscapes, Oceanscapes & Cityscapes” will be August 5th 5:30 to 7:30 PM with a talk and meet the artist event during the reception. A suggested donation for the event is being asked at the door. A continuation of our Plein Air Festival has been planned for the August part of this show. See our social media and website for details.

Press may contact Annette Sykes at 617-909-9211 or  We will be hosting a media sneak peek on Tuesday, August 2nd at 3:00 PM. Any media unable to attend at that time is asked to contact Annette Sykes for a special viewing. GALA is located at 25 Exchange St, Lynn, MA 01901.

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