April 2, 2020

A Hot Tip about Digital Tipping

by joeyphoenix

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by Joey Phoenix

We are in the age of digital tipping, making it easier than ever to send people a quick “hey, thanks for being awesome” in digital form. Apps like Venmo and Cashapp have made it easy to send small amounts to pay people back for spotting you for tots or to give artists/musicians/performers (henceforth referred to as cool humans) tips for doing good work.

But how much should you tip? How often should you tip? And what are the best apps to use?

Well, we got you covered.*

Tipping 101

Tipping: Not Just for Cows
(Don’t judge me I’m from the midwest)

Nobody expects tips. If a cool human is doing a great job, you tip them, and it is always appreciated. Tipping is customary for good service, and if someone is providing you with a great experience, they deserve to be tipped for that. When you walk down the street and hear a performer you like, you don’t think twice about dropping a couple of bucks in their hat/guitar case/weird monkey vase, so why is digital work any different?

Apart from the fact that it’s a little harder to pass the proverbial hat, it’s not any different, and you shouldn’t treat it any differently. If you see a tip jar, put a tip, even if that jar is digital.

Here are some easy apps you can use to tip the people in your life who are entertaining you.

* You can tip me too if you want. I really like coffee.

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