July 31, 2023

Art Meets Rhythm: Graffiti Get Down Ignites Downtown Lynn at Final Fridays!

by cns2020

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The Graffiti Get Down, hosted by Lynn Museum/LynnArts, occurred on Friday, July 28th, from 6 pm to 9 pm at Frederick Douglass Park, Lynn. This event was a unique fusion of Art in the Park and Hip-Hop in the Park, making it an unforgettable summer mash-up.

The July installment of Final Fridays were organized in collaboration with the Lynn Music Foundation, Art & Hip-Hop In The Park. The event showcased live performances and an outdoor graffiti battle, attracting artists, vendors, and Hip-Hop enthusiasts.

Selected artists such as Okaje, YN_Prop, Inate, and Hood Tendancies showcased their talents at this one-of-a-kind cultural gathering. 


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The Graffiti Get Down aimed to celebrate the power and influence of art and Hip-Hop, activating local spaces and enhancing community collaboration. It brought Downtown Lynn to life with creativity and music and offered talented artists and writers a platform to display their work.

The event was part of the Final Fridays series, free arts and culture gatherings held on the last Friday of every month to bring the community vibrantly and engagingly together. Funding for Final Fridays was generously supported by the Creative Cities Grant Program, administered by MassDevelopment, with special thanks to the Marketing/Media Partner Creative Collective.

Overall, the Graffiti Get Down event proved a resounding success, reflecting the synergy between art, music, and community in Downtown Lynn. It provided entertainment and creativity and fostered a sense of community and connection.