July 31, 2023

Digital Ribbon Cutting – Art by Heather Maes

by cns2020

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Art by Heather Maes is a North Shore artist specializing in wild and eclectic watercolor and mixed media creations. Drawing inspiration from nature, science fiction, and the unique Halloween/horror spirit of Salem, Heather’s work explores various themes and she is always open to new sources of inspiration.

After moving to Salem, Heather’s involvement in public art opportunities grew, contributing to projects like the Salem utility box project, the Punto Urban Art Museum, and the Salem DrainSmart Mural Project. Initially, she kept her art as personal gifts, illustrating cards for friends, family, and coworkers. But with time, she began selling prints through Silver Moon Comics & Collectibles and tabling her art as part of their Halloween artist series in October 2020.

Heather’s passion for art extends back to her college years, where she illustrated a literary magazine. Her love for how art impacts people’s feelings and memories drove her to invest further in her creative business.

Art by Heather Maes’s work and business contribute to the North Shore’s creative atmosphere, reflecting her belief in the importance of creative communities as spaces for imagination and well-being. Despite not having a formal art degree, Heather also brings an academic approach to her work, studying animal anatomy from a veterinarian perspective, reflecting a childhood interest in zoology.

An interesting and surprising aspect about Heather is that she used to fence in college, adding another dimension to her multifaceted personality and creative process. Her business supports the local artistic community and is a testament to self-confidence, growth, and the transformative power of creativity.