New Leaf Legal LLC

About the Member

Legal Services By Small Business, For Small Business.

Unlike most law firms, we get it because we live it every day. We’re a small business, but we don’t think small, and neither do our clients.

New Leaf is firm built by entrepreneurs and exclusively for entrepreneurs. We propel emerging businesses forward by taking a novel look at the role that an attorney can play in your company.

Personalizing The Approach to Your Legal Needs.

We strive to learn as much about your business, your plans, and your dreams as we possibly can, so we can not only serve you in the best possible way, but also grow with your aspirations. At New Leaf, we tailor our services to your particular needs and relationship style, so we can remain a long-term, relevant and valuable addition to your team.

Understanding the Startup Mentality and the Pursuit of Professional Passions

Determined. Self-Motivated. Nimble. New Leaf Legal has been practicing these tenets each day for almost seven years. We understand that startups need to stay enthusiastic and on the cutting-edge of their industry, the same should apply to their approach to legal matters.

At New Leaf, we don’t just practice law. We like to think that we pursue Professional Passions™. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t still excited about law! These passions naturally drive us to improve and educate ourselves on the latest developments and innovations in our areas of practice and personal interests. Whether it is sustainable business and exploring hybrid corporate structures, or alternative music publishing deals, each New Leaf attorney brings unique expertise in areas that truly intrigue and interest them. Thus, New Leaf can provide your company with a business affairs partner that is not only knowledgeable in the areas that will best suit your business’ needs, but one that speaks from the heart when serving you.