April 21, 2024

Call for Artists | Muñecas Sin Rostro Sculpture Series Proposal Request

by cns2020

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Punto Urban Art Museum (PUAM) is thrilled to announce a call for artists for a transformative art initiative, the Muñecas Sin Rostro (Faceless Dolls) series. We invite artists nationwide to submit proposals for painting a community-inspired interpretation onto a 12-foot tall fiberglass sculpture. This project is set to enhance the boardwalks of Palmer Cove Park and Pioneer Terrace in Salem, aiming to beautify the area, promote walkability, and enhance community belonging among its multigenerational and multicultural residents.

Project Overview:

In 2022, community members submitted designs and stories that inspired the creation of the Faceless Dolls. These dolls, lacking distinct facial features, symbolize the universal and collective essence of the community’s spirit and heritage.

Opportunity Details:

  • Submission Deadline: June 3rd, 5:00 PM
  • Sculpture Medium: Each artist will interpret a chosen story through their artwork on a 12′ tall fiberglass sculpture.
  • Selection: Six artists will be selected to realize their vision, each aligning with one of the stories and designs from the 2022 Art Competition.
  • Stipend: A $2,000 stipend will be awarded to each selected artist.
  • Project Unveiling: The completed sculptures will be unveiled in Spring 2025.

Design Proposal Expectations:

We are looking for proposals that creatively engage with the original community submissions. Artists should propose designs that respond to, and are in conversation with, the original works. Proposals should reflect the following:

  • Artistic Dialogue: What interests you about the chosen doll’s materials, symbols, or accessories?
  • Personal and Community Reflection: How do the story and themes relate to your personal experiences or artistic journey?
  • Creative Interpretation: Which motifs or elements from the original design will inform your artistic approach? How will your design honor the original while showcasing your unique style?

Submission Process:

Submit your detailed proposal and artist statement through our official application portal by the deadline. For further details and to address any questions, join us for a virtual Q&A session on April 24th at 6:00 PM. Click here to RSVP.

Apply Today: This project offers a unique opportunity to contribute to Salem’s cultural landscape by interpreting the Faceless Dolls through your artistic lens. We look forward to your creative proposals that reflect both the community’s spirit and your individual artistic expression.

Punto Urban Art Museum is dedicated to enhancing cultural representation and community engagement through public art. This initiative reflects our commitment to those goals, and we are excited to see the community and artistic interpretations come to life. Apply now to leave your mark on Salem’s evolving public art scene!


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