November 3, 2021

Creative Collective’s #NonprofitNovember to highlight nonprofits, foundations, and community organizations North of Boston

by joeyphoenix

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From Creative Collective

The holiday giving season is one of the most pivotal times for nonprofit organizations, as many of them rely on end of year donations to sustain their ongoing missions and help them plan for the next year’s initiatives. 

This November, Creative Collective is launching #NonprofitNovember, a social media campaign geared towards bringing awareness to local nonprofits and encouraging the public to support. Nonprofit and community organizations foster civic engagement, leadership, and growth for cities, and the role they occupy as cultural touchstones and educational hubs in North Shore communities is difficult to miss. 

“Our nonprofit members are strong links back to our communities. They are uniquely placed to push real change within the spheres they operate while supporting creatives, public programs, and cultural initiatives. We couldn’t be more grateful to the nonprofits who have signed up with us to let the Collective be part of their stories and share them with a wider audience,” said Arielle Kaplan (she/her/hers), Director of Operations at Creative Collective. 

#NonprofitNovember will highlight Creative Collective’s nonprofit Business Members in a series of interviews. These short features will grant some insight into how these nonprofits have grown and developed through the years and how they plan to use what they’ve learned to further their respective missions in 2022. 

“Nonprofit organizations exist to be a solution, filling a pivotal gap where a need has been identified. Nonprofit representatives often wear multiple hats, far exceed their bandwidth and paygrade, acquire an amass of skills and implement significant influential progress in the communities within which they operate,” said Carolyn Cole (she/her/hers), Director of Development at Creative Collective. 

“During this, and every month, I encourage everyone to please acknowledge and support the resourceful and purposeful culture these organizations have created for us and the integral role they play in instituting an inclusive and transformative public benefit.” 

This Holiday season, follow the hashtag #NonprofitNovember to learn more about the nonprofit organizations in the communities, and discover how to support their ongoing efforts in a meaningful way. 

About Creative Collective

Creative collective fosters growth, sustainability, and scalability for small businesses, creative thinkers, organizations, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We service the game changers, community leaders, municipalities, and everyone that understands the importance of the creative workforce. Creative Collective is one part business support program and one part economic development catalyzer connecting dots and creating opportunities through public activations, initiatives, and collaborations.

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