July 10, 2019

Eat Drink Northshore Podcast – Interview with Jennifer Normant

by cns2020

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Jennifer Normant of Sealevel Newburyport joins us to discuss how she’s influencing the food and beverage scene here on the Northshore.

eatdrinknorthshoreAt Eat Drink Northshore… Our first goal is to try and always provide honest and unbiased reviews of restaurants on the North Shore. We strive to provide as much information as possible for people to make informed decisions on where to eat, shop and stay. Our second goal is to help local businesses reach a wider audience. We want our audience to connect with these businesses and discover new places to eat, things to do, and products to try! We also love to explore the emotional and human connection behind the concept, creation, and consumption of a good meal.

We do all of this because we’re passionate about the local food and beverage industry. We love to eat, trying new things is a must, and we find local business owners to be the best people around! The Northshore is our base, New England is our oyster, and we consider this planet to be without borders call us idealist if you must. 

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